The Best Vacuum Pump for BHO Purging

If you’re like me and love concentrates, let alone making your own, then you sure as hell know that you need the best vacuum pump for BHO purging. Trust me, you don’t want any crappy, no-name, Chinese pumps because they’re all garbage. I don’t mean to offend any Chinese people, as I’m half Chinese half American, but stay away from them! You want a pump that will extract the solvents from the chamber and not potentially poison you.

What Should I Consider Before Buying?

Single Stage versus 2-Stage

First off, you have to know the difference between a single-stage and two-stage pump. A single stage pump, just as the name suggests, has only one engine cartridge which performs all tasks, while a two-stage pump has one cartridge that creates the pulling vacuum effect while the other cartridge has the exhaust run through it, thus pulling it down further.

In most cases, a 2-Stage is overkill, but it runs quieter and that may be an additional selling point to some. It also pulls faster.

What CFM Rating to Choose

The next step to deciding which vacuum pump to choose is to select the right CFM rating. The answer here is that CFM does not matter all that much. A lot of people will throw their money at the most expensive model because of its high CFM rating when the fitting on the pump limits you to 0.75 CFM through the vacuum. The differences between a 3 CFM and 5 CFM model are therefore minimal and you should save your money in this area.

What’s the Best Vacuum Pump for BHO?

So for the ultimate question, the answer for the best vacuum pump for BHO is one of the two models listed below.

#1 Robinair 15300 – 2-Stage, 3 CFM

Robinair 15300 - 2-Stage, 3 CFM
The Good
  • Powerful 2-Stage
  • Very Quiet
  • 29 Hg Readings
  • 40 Microns
  • Free Oil
  • Reliable Brand
  • Positive User Reviews
The Bad
  • 2-Stage Not Necessary, a Bonus


So why is this the best pump model? While it is a 2-Stage, and you don’t necessarily need it, it’s the most value for money because a 2-Stage pump can run for longer periods of time. This is especially important in BHO extraction so you don’t want a single stage cartridge to burn out.

Besides that, the specifications are perfectly under the 75 micron maximum limit and it can achieve 29 Hg readings which are optimal for BHO extraction.

This is overall the best model you can get for this kind of operation.

I recommend that you read some of the incredible reviews on Amazon from real users to get an unbiased opinion.

#2 Robinair 15310 – 1-Stage, 3 CFM

Robinair 15310 - Single Stage, 3 CFM
The Good
  • Very Affordable
  • Reliable Brand
  • Positive User Reviews
The Bad
  • Slower than 2-Stage Model


While this model will likely be enough for your BHO extraction needs, you aren’t buying the best pump here. You are buying a decent model for a great price, versus the 2-stage that is an incredible model for a decent price and that I think is the best vacuum pump for BHO. The distinction between the two will depend on what is more valuable to you and what you can afford.

Read the user reviews on this model if you’re still on the fence.

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