I’ve Found the Best, Cheap Rosin Press! Finally!

If you haven’t read my About Me page yet, my name is JC and I am a grower at a local company. While growing cannabis is my favorite activity, I decided to dabble in the world of dabbing when it first hit the scene. I’ve seen the industry grow tremendously.

Seriously. People used to use hair straighteners to press down on their flower to create oil. And many people still do because the cost of buying a machine that will accomplish greater yields is so expensive.

Or so that was the case. The rosin press industry has become more and more popular every year according to Google Trends and as a result, the prices have gone down because of mass production. You really can get a cheap rosin press!

Where’s this Cheap Rosin Press?

Well for starters, many people will claim that an arbor press is by the far the least expensive option. Yes, if you want to purchase a press, disassemble a hair straightener, weld steel plates and all that jazz, you can probably make it for around $100. I don’t have time to mess around with that, nor is it in my expertise to weld. Plus those things are so heavy, have fun moving them around.

Enter The Trippy Hippy…

cheap-rosin-pressAfter doing a whole lot of Google searching, I found the cheapest supplier and decided to give them a shot. They have a bunch of different models, but since this was just an experiment to see what I could for the lowest price, I got the 5″x5″ manual press in their starter series.

I paid $380 USD for the press + shipping, which is a sweet deal but if you share your cart on social media, you’ll also get 5% off which is SWEET!

Here is the direct link to the press I bought in case you want to check it out.

How are the Yields?

Everyone loves talking yields and I’m no different. If you get yourself some filter bags and play around with the temperature, boy can this machine get you about 20% yield from my experience.

That being said, I have to point out that you can’t be using some low quality flower and expect the world.

I have also seen other companies offer a 15″x15″ manual model and it makes me laugh because you’ll barely get any pressure. Think about it: when you have a specific amount of pounds of force a manual press has, the more square inches you have, the less PSI you’ll get. All you need is a 5″x5″ unit.

Customer Service Rating

These guys are A+ in my books. I wanted to use a coupon code but forgot to use it on my order. I emailed them immediately and they sent me a partial refund so that I could get a discount. They didn’t have to but they still did and that’s just fantastic customer service.

Shipping Time

When I was browsing some competitors, I noticed that it said that there’s a lead time of 4 weeks to get your press. I’m sorry, but I’m not paying more and waiting 4 weeks to get a package. It’s 2016.

I got my package in less than 2 weeks and it came in discrete packaging. It doesn’t say The Trippy Hippy or have any weed leafs on the box so I was happy about that. Here’s a picture of the package I received (I ripped off the FedEx address information and stickers so none of you snitch on me).

Final Conclusions

This is not only the best rosin press for the quality, but I also believe it is the best price for a cheap rosin press. I’m a big fan of the customer service and the quick shipping time and I’m loving my dabs. I may step up and get their electric hydraulic model in the future, but right now I’m happy with what I’ve got.

TTH Starter Series Manual Rosin Press
The Good
  • Price
  • Yields
  • Customer Service
  • Shipping Time
The Bad
  • None

The Best Vacuum Pump for BHO Purging

If you’re like me and love concentrates, let alone making your own, then you sure as hell know that you need the best vacuum pump for BHO purging. Trust me, you don’t want any crappy, no-name, Chinese pumps because they’re all garbage. I don’t mean to offend any Chinese people, as I’m half Chinese half American, but stay away from them! You want a pump that will extract the solvents from the chamber and not potentially poison you.

What Should I Consider Before Buying?

Single Stage versus 2-Stage

First off, you have to know the difference between a single-stage and two-stage pump. A single stage pump, just as the name suggests, has only one engine cartridge which performs all tasks, while a two-stage pump has one cartridge that creates the pulling vacuum effect while the other cartridge has the exhaust run through it, thus pulling it down further.

In most cases, a 2-Stage is overkill, but it runs quieter and that may be an additional selling point to some. It also pulls faster.

What CFM Rating to Choose

The next step to deciding which vacuum pump to choose is to select the right CFM rating. The answer here is that CFM does not matter all that much. A lot of people will throw their money at the most expensive model because of its high CFM rating when the fitting on the pump limits you to 0.75 CFM through the vacuum. The differences between a 3 CFM and 5 CFM model are therefore minimal and you should save your money in this area.

What’s the Best Vacuum Pump for BHO?

So for the ultimate question, the answer for the best vacuum pump for BHO is one of the two models listed below.

#1 Robinair 15300 – 2-Stage, 3 CFM

Robinair 15300 - 2-Stage, 3 CFM
The Good
  • Powerful 2-Stage
  • Very Quiet
  • 29 Hg Readings
  • 40 Microns
  • Free Oil
  • Reliable Brand
  • Positive User Reviews
The Bad
  • 2-Stage Not Necessary, a Bonus


So why is this the best pump model? While it is a 2-Stage, and you don’t necessarily need it, it’s the most value for money because a 2-Stage pump can run for longer periods of time. This is especially important in BHO extraction so you don’t want a single stage cartridge to burn out.

Besides that, the specifications are perfectly under the 75 micron maximum limit and it can achieve 29 Hg readings which are optimal for BHO extraction.

This is overall the best model you can get for this kind of operation.

I recommend that you read some of the incredible reviews on Amazon from real users to get an unbiased opinion.

#2 Robinair 15310 – 1-Stage, 3 CFM

Robinair 15310 - Single Stage, 3 CFM
The Good
  • Very Affordable
  • Reliable Brand
  • Positive User Reviews
The Bad
  • Slower than 2-Stage Model


While this model will likely be enough for your BHO extraction needs, you aren’t buying the best pump here. You are buying a decent model for a great price, versus the 2-stage that is an incredible model for a decent price and that I think is the best vacuum pump for BHO. The distinction between the two will depend on what is more valuable to you and what you can afford.

Read the user reviews on this model if you’re still on the fence.

Step by Step: Growing Weed

If you read the home page, you are probably ready to get started on the actual growing process. If you haven’t, read up on the best grow light kits and soil for you. Whether you chose the Apollo, Vivasun or iPower, the tutorial is going to work the same way. While the article may seem lengthy, its just words. In reality, the steps are incredibly simple and so is growing.

Step by Step: Growing Weed

Once again, let’s make sure you have all of your tools ready for the job:

  • Grow light kits
  • A place to grow, preferably a grow tent
  • Ventilation system
  • Seeds
  • Soil & Nutrients

If you do not have any of these, please visit the home page where I break everything down specifically. It’s a must-read before getting to this step.

1) Set up your grow space

If you want to grow cannabis indoors, you’ve got to set up your space. This includes picking a place to grow it and then assembling the grow light kit you purchased. Don’t worry, you get all the tools to hang up the lights and the instructions are easy to follow so it makes no sense for me to repost them here.

If you’re going to be growing indoors, I really really really suggest getting a grow tent from Gorilla. Its a lot more discrete than growing it out in the open, reduces the smell and helps increase your yields by keeping in the light. It also makes everything a lot more organized, and has room for cables.

Next, you’re almost certainly going to need a ventilation system. You can try going cheap on this, buying some used equipment on Craigslist but I just prefer getting everything brand new. iPower (works even if you have an Apollo light kit) has an entire ventilation kit for this, and Amazon has it for a decent price. You’re welcome to get all the parts separately at Home Depot or Lowes, but once again, I just don’t have the time for it and I know its made with growing cannabis in mind.

2) Starting your grow

At this step, you can easily go to your local dollar store and purchase a pot to grow your pot (pun intended). You don’t need anything high quality if you’re looking to try this for the first time. If you want to do this perfectly, you can purchase a fabric pot as it helps increase oxygen flow to the roots of the plant and helps to drain any excess water, thus improving the quality of your bud. I noticed a huge difference, but it’s not mandatory.

However, you can’t plant the germinated seeds into the big pots right away so you’ll have to use Jiffy pots. I recommend using Jiffy pots as they’re biodegradable, versus the traditional plastic containers, and they offer greater air circulation & moisture retention, which helps your plant grow healthier. They’re also very inexpensive and you can usually get 12 of them for under $5 which is a sweet deal for better quality.

Germinating seeds:

  1. Place seeds in a cup of room-temperature water, avoid distilled water, preferably filtered water, but tap works too.
  2. Let them float for a couple of hours in a place without any light and in a room-temperature environment.
  3. Check back to see if any of them have sunk to the bottom. For those that haven’t sunk to the bottom, try poking them to see if they go down. If they don’t sink to the bottom give it a few more hours and repeat the process.
  4. The next day they should have roots starting to appear.
  5. On the next day, you should start the process of removing the seeds from the water as they can’t be in there for more than 3 days. Take a glass plate, put a layer of paper towels on it and moisten them with a syringe or in another careful manner.
  6. Remove the seeds from the cup carefully and move them onto the moisten paper towel.
  7. Spread them out so if they have enough time to sprout.
  8. Cover the seeds with another moist piece of paper towel.
  9. Put a plate on top or seal it with plastic wrap so there’s little to no air-flow coming in.
  10. After 3-7 days they should have entirely sprouted and it is time to plant them in the soil.

Planting seeds:

I’m not sure why but there seem to be very little actual guides on planting weed seeds in soil so I’m going to do my best to try to shine some light on this area.

Once your seeds have sprouted, it is now time to move them into some actual soil. These are the most delicate days so you don’t want to cause too much shock to the plants. Grab your Jiffy pots and put the soil that I recommended you on the homepage into the pots.

Once the soil is in, it’s time to moisten it with water so that we can put the seeds in with ease and so that they have some water to help them grow.

The next step is very easy but be careful in the way you handle the seeds. You will want to gently place each seed into its own pot. Now slowly push the seed into the soil until it just barely disappears. You don’t want to see the seed but you also want it to be close to the surface.

All that’s left to do is to either cover them with a humidity dome or just use plain plastic wrap to keep all the moisture in. To better secure the plastic wrap, tie an elastic band around the pot and plastic wrap.

Watch the cups carefully for stems as this is when you’ll want to take the plastic wrap off so your plants can be set free and start growing.

Re-potting Plants:

I’m not sure if you’re aware but you won’t be able to keep your plants in the Jiffy cups forever. It’s time to use those amazing fabric pots I recommended earlier in this page.

Grab your fabric pot and fill it with either the premium soil that I recommended on the homepage, or whichever other premium, organic soil that was recommended to you. Did I say premium enough? Once you have the soil in the pot, make a cave in the middle so as to make room for the marijuana you’re re-potting from the cups.

Next, you’re going to need to gently cut the Jiffy cup open on the side and gently place it into your fabric pot. Once again, gently cover up the plant with the existing soil in the fabric pot and make it into one entire unit. That’s it!